Let Manx Ultrasonic Window Blind Solutions remove all the dirt, dust, soil and other grime from your blinds while you repaint, have your windows washed, or when you notice build up. We use Ultrasonic Cleaning technology to lift contaminants and allergens that self-cleaning doesn’t remove. All types of blinds can be cleaned by ourselves and most orders are completed within 24 hours at a time convenient to you.

We come to your home, take down your blinds, transport them to our cleaning facility where they are ultrasonically cleaned and minor repairs are carried out. We hand dry each blind for radiant results without any water spots or streaking. Minor repairs too are carried out to ensure your blinds are again in full working order.

We then return your blinds to your home rehanging them looking like new all for a fraction of the replacement cost.

Residential Benefits of the Ultrasonic Cleaning Process

Help Fight Allergies

Ultrasonic cleaning increases your indoor air quality by removing irritants from not only your blinds surfaces, but the fabrics and strings too.

Blast Away Dirt and Grime

The gentle process of Ultrasonic cleaning thoroughly removes dirt, soil, dust and germs from the surface of the blind, the inner-workings, strings and fabric – all without damaging the blinds finish.

Protect Your Investment

You have spent hundreds of pounds on your beautiful blinds. You have the perfect colour and style and you just love your new blinds. Protect your investment by having them cleaned on a regular basis.


How clean are the blinds in your office?  When was the last time the blinds in your office were cleaned?

Manx Ultrasonic Window Blind Solutions offer an expanded range of cost-effective solutions to meet the needs and budgets of commercial customers throughout the Isle of Man.

We can work directly with your building owner, property manager, or facilities team to create the clean, welcoming environment you desire. Our service can be carried out at a time to suit you to enable minimal disruption to your workforce or customers.

Commercial Benefits of the Ultrasonic Cleaning Process

Working Environment

Invisible bacteria, allowed to live on furniture, fixtures and fittings can cause illness in the office. Research has proven that the Ultrasonic Cleaning process kills practically all bacteria, resulting in a clean healthy office; this means healthier employees and a reduction in staff absence due to illness.


Appearance is paramount in business and Manx Ultrasonic can work with you to make sure that your office gives the best possible impression to your clients and employees.


No need to discard old blinds to the landfill site – let us clean and repair your existing blinds to leave them fresh, clean and looking like new.


Active blind maintenance will extend the life of your blinds, saving you money on replacement blinds.